Uberquiesenberg – From Colony to Concession.

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The Flag of Uberquiesenberg

Today, the 23rd of May, 2017, will be remembered as an imperative day for a movement towards freer, more diverse and unique Mercian politics. The previous government act which established Uberquiesenberg, a territory to the north of Mercia’s Wibertsherne territories, was amended by the First Minister Palatine-Viceroy von Uberquie and ratified by the Lord Temporal as one of the first acts of the emergency government. The territories, lead by the Palatine-Viceroy, were seceded to the Diarchy last August by civil process and landed by their former sovereign. However, a less politically active Mercia and a desire for rapid reform by native Uberquiesenbergians has lead to, today, an amendment which establishes the former colonial possession a semi-sovereign autonomous concession of Mercia.

An Appetite for Independence

The territorials of Uberquiesenberg are uniquely left-wing compared to the remainder of Mercian territories. The few natives exercise an agenda of self rule and confederal democracy which is unique to countries such as Rojava and Switzerland. However, despite a movement for local power, the former colony remains under the supreme sovereignty of the Mercian Diarchy and shall be, upon it’s re-establishment, at the behest of the Mercian legislative. However, the newly autonomous state of Uberquiesenberg has the full rights to exercise its own legislative agenda and hopes to pursue an ideological manifesto of Democratic Confederalism mixed with classical Theodorism within the coming months.


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