Executor-Viceroy Eden appointed First Minister

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RAVENSBURG – Today, after long period of Mercian inactivity, a new cabinet led by Executor-Viceroy Eden was appointed by the Lord Temporal.

The composition of the cabinet is as follows:

First MinisterExecutor-Viceroy Eden
Ministry of Internal Affairs Count Belcher
Ministry of State Count Frisch
Ministry of Finance, Commerce and Charity Marquis Cassidy
Ministry of Cultural Affairs Lord Temporal
Minister without portfolioMarchioness Sakurai

The new cabinet started off by passing the 22nd of March Mercian Legislation 2020 (Amendments) Bill, a crucial modernisation bill. Several more bills are planned for the coming days by the Lord Temporal, namely the Noble Registries Bill, a law that has been long-proposed by the Lord Temporal and several laws clarifying the status of Lurk, which has been a constituent country of Mercia for two years.

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