Acts of Union decreed

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Title page of the Acts of Union
Title page of the Acts of Union

RAVENSBURG – Today at midday, the diarchal assent of both Lord Temporal and Lord Spiritual has been given to a treaty between the Noble Republic of Lurk and Mercia, following long discussion and planning. As the name implies, the treaty unites the two realms of Mercia and Lurk into one state of two countries.

Legally speaking, in all but name, Lurk has joined Mercia, replacing the territory of Loringia in the process. This adds three square kilometers of territory in the Prague plains to Mercia and several new citizens. Mercia also inherits most of Lurkish foreign commitments, such as membership in the Czech micronational organisation UMSE, or relations with the Empire of Mekniy and Gymnasium State – both prominent Czech micronations. None of Mercian foreign commitments were revoked by the treaty, and it shall continue to be a member of the GUM.

This treaty also includes a guideline for the future heading of Mercia. A Mercian commonwealth is mentioned, which will include Mercian colonies and will have a special ministry representing their interests in the Parliament. Observership in the commonwealth will be open for friendly countries of Mercia.

Furthermore, by request of the Lord Spiritual, the territory of Wibertsherne is ceded back to the United Kingdom. By request of Lord Temporal, the laws passed by the Lurkish National Assembly shall continue to be enforced within the territory of Lurk, until the Parliament passes laws replacing them.

The Lord Temporal has also encouranged revision of all currently-passed laws of Mercia to accomodate the changes within this historical document, and to continue the planned reconstruction of the state; a move that has been supported by the Lord Spiritual as well.

What the future holds for this united realm is unknown, as Mercia has been plagued by inactivity since early Summer, even despite the efforts of several of its citizens.

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